School Emblem

  • ST. PAUL

    An ardent disciple of Jesus Christ and the greatest champion of Christianity. The school is named after him and is run by the Roman Catholic Diocesan Education Society, Ajmer.


    The cross standing against a dark backdrop is a sign of victory. It overcomes all obstacles.


    Light dispels darkness and gives warmth. It removes ignorance and spreads love.


    The five stars shown in the sky leave behind all that is dark and ugly. They stand for quality, achieved through constant change and movement for the better. The school works for and promises not only terrestrial progress and achievements but far beyond eternal bliss.


    Comparative degree of ‘Excel’. The motto instills inspiration, encouragement and self-confidence to soar higher, faster and further in every thing and everywhere to attain perfection in social and moral life.

The emblem is set in two shades to denote the work of education, to shed all that is negative and pessimistic and build up and acquire a positive, healthy and optimistic approach to life.