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Recommendation to Parents

Recommendation to Parents

We believe in the close partnership between the school and the parents in order to give the best to the child.

The school recommends the following to the Parents/Guardians.

As the medium of instruction in school is English, certain amount of regular conversation must be done in English at home.

Parents are advised to maintain close contact with the school.

Please keep a check on your ward’s cleanliness, uniform and punctuality.

Parents are requested not to make any special or medical appointments for their wards during school hours.

Please ensure that your ward brings all books/exercise books according to the time table.

Please supervise the home work given and also ensure that your ward is fully prepared for all class tests or exams.

Parents are required to inform the school if there is any change in their address or telephone numbers.It is advisable for all parents to attend Parent-Teacher meeting as scheduled.

Games & Sports are mandatory for all students.